If you are seriously considering an Irish Water spaniel from Finnibone IWS’s please fill out the below questionnaire and send it with your inquiry to the contact information above.  These basic questions assist with important information in regards to the health and well being of any Irish Water Spaniel;  and as well may bring up some important points that you may not have reviewed before thinking of adding this unique breed to your family.  With your permission this questionnaire can be forwarded to other reputable breeders should we be unable to place an IWS with you.



Your Name_______________________________________

Street address_____________________________

Mailing address, if different_____________________________________________________________

Daytime phone_______________________________

Additional phone numbers__________________________________


Web page if any ________________________________

v     Why do you think that an IWS might be the right breed for you?

v     What has your research on this breed consisted of?

v     Are you comparing this breed to any other breed in particular?

v     Have you ever met an IWS in “person?” If so, who’s dog and how recently?

v     What is your past experience with dogs?

v     If you’re considering getting a puppy, what is your past experience with crate training?

v     Have you had pets in the past or do you still have any residing with you?  What did they pass from and how do you feel you could have improved their health and longevity?

v     Are the pets you currently have intact/spayed/neutered?

v     Have you ever put a Championship title on a dog or taken it to obedience classes?

v     Who will have primary responsibility for the care of the IWS?

v     What is your family make-up/composition?  Children or elderly persons?

v     Do you intend on learning to groom this breed yourself or have you budgeted for the expense of a professional groomer?

v     What is your living situation? Do you rent or own your residence?

v     If rent, does your lease allow/permit dogs & does your landlord know of this potential addition?

v     Do you have a fenced yard where your puppy will be supervised?

v     what are your plans for exercising & for allowing your puppy to potty safely?

v      How & where will your puppy spend their day while you are out and or evenings?

v     What activities do you plan on doing with this dog? Agility___ Conformation ___ 4-H ___ Hiking ___ Household companion ___ Hunting/Field/Trials ___ Junior Showmanship ___ Obedience___ Therapy ___ Tracking ___ Other____________________________ (check all that apply) IWS are inquisitive dogs who need lots of mental & physical stimulation to stay out of trouble.

v      Do you plan to take time off to be with a new arrival or will the IWS accommodate you to work?

v     Would you be comfortable feeding a raw food diet to your IWS? Yes __ No __ Possibly but would like more information __

v     Would you be comfortable limiting or completely withholding vaccinations? Yes __ No __ Possibly but would like more information __

v     Have you had previous experience which Natural rearing , homeopathic medicines or Holistic practices?