Pedigree of:        
      Can Ch. Finnibone's Get a Grip        
          Ch. Banshee's Duke of Earl    
            [Duke] OFA:G,TP    
          Ch. Mole End Finn MacCumhail Ch. Mirkwood Deart's Travistock    
        [Finn] OFA:E,TP [Missy] OFA:E    
        Can Ch. Dreadlocks Cumhail A Zulach Ch. Beaufield Pagan O'Dreadlocks Ch. Mole End Badger CD    
        [Zulach] OFA:G,GP [Pagan] OFA:G,TP [Badger] OFA,TP,GP,Ob    
      Sire     Ch. Lakeview's Pint a Guinness    
            [Guinness] OFA:G,TP    
      Am/Can Ch. Finnibone's Too Timen Tank     Can Ch. Lindholme's Eachann    
      AKC # SN44360001     GP    
      [Tank] GP Can Ch. Lindholme's Aer Aingeal  Lindholme's Eachann's Joel Can Ch. Barmbrack Lindholme Aingeal    
           Lindholme's Sibohan Am/Can Ch. Lindholme's Finian Michael    
          Am/Can Ch. Lindholme's Aingeal's Julie    
    Can Ch. Finnibone's Get a Grip   TP    
          Ch. Mole End Finn MacCumhail    
            [Finn] OFA:E,TP    
          Ch. Dreadlocks Ain't Misbehavin CD Ch. Beaufield Pagan O'Dreadlocks    
          [Rags] OFA:E,GP [Pagan] OFA:G,TP    
        Ch. Whitney Rose Spaulding  Dreadlocks Mallyree O'Mist Ch. Mallyree Triple Expectation CDX,JH,WCX    
       Clannads Kit 'n' Kazoodle [Whitney] OFA:G [Misty] OFA:G [Jake] BIS,OFA:F,TP,NS    
      AKC # SN45695404     Ch. Mole End Rosalind    
      [Guzoo]     [Josie] OFA:G,TP    
            Ch. Mole End Badger CD    
      Dam     [Badger] OFA,TP,GP,Ob    
        Ch. Clannad's Magic Encounter Am/Can Ch. Castlehill's Magic Moment Am/Can CDX Ch. Castlehill's L.P. O'Whistlestop UD    
        [Mariah] OFA:G,NS [Tyler] OFA:G,NS,TP [Liza] OFA:G,TP,Ob    
      Ch. Dreadlocks Blithe Spirit Ch. Mole End Finn MacCumhail    
      [Megan] OFA:G [Finn] OFA:E,TP    
        Ch. Beaufield Pagan O'Dreadlocks    
        [Pagan] OFA:G,TP    
    [Call Name], OFA:E,G or F= Othopedic Foundation for Animals: Hip Grade,  TP= IWS Top Producer,   BIS=Best in Show-All Breed,  GP= Group Placement,   NS=IWSCA National Specialty Placement(BOB,BOS,BOW,WB,WD,HIT)    
    Correct to the best of my knowledge:     Date:    
      Finnibone Irish Water Spaniels Jacquelyn Fussell