Pedigree of:        
      Finnibone's Cool the Engines        
          Am/Can Ch. Finnibone's Too Timen Tank    
            [Tank] GP    
          Neth Ch Mole End Lumberjack Ch. Mole End Hallelujah    
        [Lumberjack] [Halle] OFA:G    
         Priority Paddy Jack of Duwuna at Blakelyn NlCh Paddy Lee of Duwuna  Irish Mist's Lucky O'Fortune    
      Sire     Ch. Poole's Ide Lifelong Dream    
       Cuboglach Woodland Brown     Eng Sh Ch. Zanfi Beaver    
         Cuboglach Dusky Heath  Fynder Macroome  Fynder Aoife    
          Ch. Cuboglach Rosy Rustic  Shannonlee Sea Heath    
          Ch. Cuboglach Small Copper    
    Finnibone's Cool the Engines        
          Ch. Mole End Finn MacCumhail    
            [Finn] OFA:E,TP    
          Can Ch. Dreadlocks Cumhail A Zulach Ch. Beaufield Pagan O'Dreadlocks    
          [Zulach] OFA:G,GP [Pagan] OFA:G,TP    
        Am/Can Ch. Finnibone's Too Timen Tank Can Ch. Lindholme's Aer Aingeal  Lindholme's Eachann's Joel    
       Finnibone's Hung Up 'N' Overdue [Tank] GP OFA:G      
             Lindholme's Sibohan    
            Ch. Mole End Finn MacCumhail    
      Dam     [Finn] OFA:E,TP    
        Can Ch Ildanoch Attack Force Z Ch. Dreadlocks Ain't Misbehavin CD Ch. Beaufield Pagan O'Dreadlocks    
        [Zen] [Rags] OFA:E,GP [Pagan] OFA:G,TP    
      Ch. Ov'rlook's Brown Sugar CD,NA Ch. Lindholme's Mr. Michael CD,TD    
      [Sunnee] OFA:G,GP [Mick] OFA:F,GP,NS,TP    
        Ch. Lindholme's Noreen of Overlook    
        [Rena] GP    
    [Call Name], OFA:E,G or F= Othopedic Foundation for Animals: Hip Grade,  TP= IWS Top Producer,   BIS=Best in Show-All Breed,  GP= Group Placement,   NS=IWSCA National Specialty Placement(BOB,BOS,BOW,WB,WD,HIT)    
    Correct to the best of my knowledge:     Date:    
      Finnibone Irish Water Spaniels Jacquelyn Fussell