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Feeding a Species appropriate diet is extremely important for our animals. Nutritional Needs of the IWS in regards to Natural Rearing may differ slightly for each individual animal. The basics of Raw Meaty Bones “RMB” and carcass always remain consistent but may differ in form from ground to whole pieces depending on age of animal. Puppy rearing to adulthood has in the majority the same basics but with modified versions.

Kibble takes about 15 hours to digest. Raw meaty bones (RMB’s) take about 4 – 6. Why kibble takes longer is because dogs were not designed to eat grains. They have a very difficult time breaking down the complex carbohydrates found in grains. In fact, most pass through undigested resulting in large, smelly stools. Yeast thrives in an environment supported by grains. Most chronic ear infections will clear up if all grains are removed from your dog’s diet. Your dog’s system has to work overtime to extract the nutrients it needs to survive with kibble. This eventually can lead to kidney and liver problems, chronic ear infections, diabetes, chronic skin problems, teeth and gum problems which can cause heart disease. Even Cancers are attributable to a kibble diet.

So first of all, commercial dog foods contain way too many grains. (Dogs should be fed a grain free diet.) Secondly, the little bit of meat that is in kibble is cooked, removing what little nutrition it had. If that isn’t bad enough, the meat is of extremely low quality. Did you see the phrases “meat by-products” on the label? That can mean almost anything and literally does. By-products include heads, beaks, feathers, feet, guts, euthanized pets…. What? Euthanized pets...

Lets start from weaning and then progress through to adulthood and finally geriatrics:
My puppies begin on a natural Raw diet anywhere from 4-6 weeks of age depending on the mothers ability to keep them nourished. I prefer to hold off on assisting the dam as long as her milk supply is adequate as this is ultimately the best nourishment for young puppies. Mother’s natural milk is a balanced meal and maintains little stress on the ever-growing immune systems of the puppies.

When our puppies begin their own diet they consume a ground meal of one protein base either chicken necks, wings or turkey necks. Their diet resembles their mothers as close as possible in protein base to aid in less stress to their digestive systems. For the first week or so they consume their ground meat and bone. A new protein base is added approximately every 3 -4 days and only one protein type per day. After the first week then organ meats and vegetables matter is added to the protein base diet. The vegetable matter is added in a pulped state for better absorption. In addition to this base diet for the puppies we supplement vitamin E, digestible aloe vera, acidophilus, and salmon oil. The vegetable matter for the puppies includes freshly ground ginger, ground raw pumpkin seeds, fresh garlic, blueberries and cranberries, banana (natural heartworm/mosquito repellent)

General guidelines for weight- ½ pound (230g) = 1 c or 250 ml.

Frequently asked questions
-My animal seems to have seasonal itch! This occurs in the fall, winter, and spring. What could this be?
Seasonal itch often occurs with lack of sunlight that is a natural course of vitamin D. You can supplement with Cod Liver oil 3 times a week for relief.

-Does my dog need vitamin E supplement in its diet?
In general adult dogs do not require extra Natural source vitamin E if they are getting plenty of vegetables, eggs and fish.

-What about pathogens?
A healthy digestive tract in the canine lives harmoniously with salmonella and ecoli. It is the human digestive tract that does not. The pathogens that I mainly worry about are Trich in pork and some fish species carry some pathogens that I am not familiar with. With all pork I feed only after it has been frozen for a minimum of two- three weeks and fish I poach before feeding

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