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Welcome to Finnibone Irish Water Spaniels

Naturally reared since 2001 and Holistically raised since 1986

We are a small kennel supporting an ethical breeding program in Red Deer Alberta Canada. While we breed IWS for the show ring and working /hunting abilities, we are primarily interested in breeding healthy dogs and improving healthy genetics in IWS's. Every effort is made to breed only to species appropriately raw fed, unvaccinated stock. We are making every effort to breed only healthy, genetically sound IWs's.

We have always taken an holistic approach t0 rearing our beloved IWS's. More recent changes include a Natural Rearing Protocol. For a good understanding of both holistic and natural rearing, click on these links to the articles and further assistance on nutrition, vaccination, holistics, natural rearing and canine communication. We place our IWS only in homes that are already holistic, or believe in natural rearing, or with people who are willing to venture into these methods of keeping IWS's healthy and happy and who are committed to making it work.

Diet, vaccine protocol, environmental factors, and lifestyle are all important elements in an IWS's health and well being. These elements are investigated in potential owners. Please contact us if you are already living holistically or naturally with your pets, or if you are interested in exploring these avenues with an Irish Water Spaniel.

What We Offer

Developing a species appropriate diet program for your Irish Water Spaniel, and helping you explore vaccination protocols that may differ from the traditional veterinary model you are accustomed to is just a start. Discovering alternative treatment methods such as homeopathy or herbal medicines is also a part of our services should you acquire a dog or puppy from us. This is all included should you decide to get a Finnibone IWS. In developing a better understanding of these methods prior to purchasing an IWS (which is strongly recommended) you will find a number of lists on Yahoo Groups devoted to these topics. There are various books that I would also recommend that are available on these topics as well. And, of course, if you are fortunate enough to have a classical Homeopathic Veterinarian in your area they will also assist your education. Check out the available information lists devoted to these topics and feel free to contact us if you have any questions on the subject of raising an Irish Water Spaniel.

Here are some more helpful links to assist you raising and living with your Irish Water Spaniel:








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